Fighting Terror with Chesed

/Fighting Terror with Chesed

There is Always Room for one More!

We invited a single Russian lady to our Shabbos table for lunch, but as I was singing “Shalom Aleichem” with the children, she knocked on the door. Apparently dinner versus lunch had got lost in the translation. We really wanted to spend a quieter Friday night with the kids, but in order not to embarrass [...]

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A Guiding Light of Chesed

I went to a women's program in Ramat Beit Shemesh and was introduced to another woman, who poured out her heart to me about how she was struggling with her almost 30 year old son who still lived at home and made day to day life for her and her husband very difficult. I had a [...]

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Turning Shopping into Chesed

I heard of an elderly woman who needed to run some errands in the shopping center, but was unable to get there easily. I usually don't go there, but when I needed to go for an errand, I remembered her situation, called her up and offered to take her. She was surprised by my impromptu call, [...]

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Shiva Or Not

I read that there was a mourner on our street, but I was very nervous about going there because I feared there would not be a minyon (there wasn’t one the day before). So at Mincha time I began walking towards Ahavas Shalom. Then I saw a fellow congregant heading the other way and I [...]

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Kallah in the Kitchen

Two hours before Shabbos I went to say Mazel Tov to my neighbor whose daughter just got married, but to my surprise I found the new Kallah in the kitchen struggling to prepare food for her own sheva brochos! Her mother was unavailable to cook due to a family emergency. I immediately asked her what [...]

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Instant Delivery Man

There is a young woman I know of from Beit Shemesh who now lives in a remote part of Israel where her husband does kiruv work. One day my office told me to travel to this village for work, so I thought it would be nice to offer the couple a free delivery service. The [...]

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A Virtual Guest Becomes Reality

I was on the website and saw a picture of a man and thought to myself "This man looks like he should get an invitation for Shabbos.! I sent him an invitation, which he graciously accepted. We discovered that he had been living in an institution in which he was the only one keeping Shabbos, [...]

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