Fighting Terror with Chesed

/Fighting Terror with Chesed

Hatzolah To the Rescue

A family member took ill and we could not contact him. A kind Hatzalah volunteer helped establish contact, and then took care of him. This put me in a very good mood, so I spontaneously phoned Hatzalah, praised and thanked them for their wonderful work, and gave them a donation.

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A Shabbos Host

My marriage fell apart 2.5 years ago and my Social worker sent me to Beit Avot Beit Haelah close to Beit Shemesh. I was very depressed about having to spend Shabbat there because the TV is always on and no one keeps Shabbos there. Baruch HaShem someone told me to register to I registered and [...]

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Waze To Help

I noticed a couple wandering on the street in RBS, confused as they tried to locate a particular address using a GPS map on their phone. I helped them locate the address, and made two people from out-of-town feel a bit more welcome in our community.

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Reaching for the Oats

While shopping I overheard another customer request from the service attendant to reach a box of food from the high shelf. The service attendant responded " the other box on top of this will fall and I can't manage to help you." I quickly offered to help using my height as an advantage and successfully [...]

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Scat Scat Little Cat

While walking through the park between Dolev and Refaim at the 8 am rush hour I noticed young girls screeching and hurrying away from the path while others were fearful to enter the path. I approached slowly and saw a big tomcat near the bushes, rustling around in the leaves. I calmed the approaching girls [...]

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Messenger as a Chesed

The first day after being inspired by the Rav's suggestion, I felt disappointed that no opportunity had come my way for an act of chesed, and I met a young lady I know who lives in Gimmel, and shared the Rav's words with her.  She was enthusiastic, and said to me "This is your random [...]

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