The Lag B’Omer Bonfire – Rav Avrohom Baruch Zachariash

Rav Avrohom Baruch Zachariash speaks on the topic "The Lag B'Omer Bonfire" during the Ahavas Shalom Lag B'Omer Festival 22-May-2019 (18-Iyar-5779). Lag B'Omer is a time that people jump for joy and it is almost like a riddle because many people don't really know what they're jumping for joy about. We light fires and we're not [...]

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Mishmar – April 4, 2019

Mishmar topic: What if the choson puts on the ring and only then says "Behold you are betrothed to me with this ring..." Does it work? The first 10 minutes of the video is of Rabbi Zachariash introducing the topic of learning for the evening, followed by 20 minutes of summarizing the points to take [...]

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