Vaad Meeting – 30-Mar-2016 20 Adar Bet 5776

Date: 30-Mar-2016   20 Adar Bet 5776

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Yonah Kaufman, Ari Waldman, Aryeh Beer, Avi Rosenberg

Absent: Alan Lindsey

Summary by Micha Kushner

Weekday Mincha

  • Starting Sunday, there will be a third Mincha at 20 minutes before Shkiya.  This is in addition to 13:15 and 15:15 Minchas.
  • The 20 minutes Mincha will advance until it reaches 19:00, at which time it will remain at 19:00 throughout the summer. It will be in main Beis Mdrash.

Weekday Maariv

  • Starting on Sunday there will be third Maariv at 20:15, when the Daf Yomi ends.   This in addition to 20 minutes after Shkiya and 21:00 Maarivs.
  • On Chol HaMoed (when there is no Evening Daf Yomi), there will only be two Maarivs – 20 minutes after Shkiya and 21:00.
  • After Pessach (when 20 minutes after is close to 20:00), there will only be two Maarivs – 20:15 and 21:00.  This will remain throughout the summer.

Chol HaMoed

  • Shacharis: Will be similar to last year with additional 8:45ish Shacharis like there was on Sukos.
  • Mincha: 13:15, 15:15, 20 minutes before.
  • Maariv: 20 minutes after, 21:00.  No 20:15 Maariv since Daf Yomi meets in morning on Chol HaMoed.
  • Bet Zvi will try to arrange speaker between Mincha and Maariv Sun-Wed of Chol HaMoed.


  • Women’s reading at night should be 2 hours after Maariv (and not 1:45 hours) to give women more time to get to Shul after their husbands get home.
  • 6:00 Shacharis needs to finish by 7:30 (or preferably 7:25). (This year they finished at 7:35.)  This should be done either by going faster or by starting 10 minutes earlier.
  • Third Minyan on Purim at 8:20 in Annex was full and should continue next year.
  • To increase AuB on Purim, need better publicity and maybe prizes.
  • Megila with the Kehila needs to be publicized more.

Building Issues

  • Someone from the Vaad will be appointed to be the manager of the Annex, coordinate events, collect rental fees.
  • The Vaad is working on creating a rental contract and a standardized rental fee chart.
  • The Vaad is looking into the possibility of several outdoor projects to make the Shul look better.  The projects will depend on funding being available.
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