My name is Yitzchak and I was born in London. The Jewish education I received as a child and as an adolescent was, unfortunately, very limited.

Fortunately, I rediscovered my Judaism, Baruch Hashem. Unfortunately, it was in a rather late age. As the father of a young family I couldn’t allow myself the luxury of attending a full day Yeshiva.

I eventually made Alyiah, and began attending Gemara Shiurim in the local shul. It was quite a frustrating experience.

Those weird Aramaic words were flying over my head, and at great speed. Everybody was asking questions, and I felt totally out of place.

Not wanting to hold everyone else back, and afraid of becoming a laughing stock, I didn’t dare open my mouth. I was lost.

I realized I would never make it in the world of Torah.

Then I heard of Bet Zvi.

Bet Zvi consists of a group of dedicated teachers who help people like myself gain confidence in our Torah studies.

In a very serious yet informal atmosphere, myself and other beginners like me find real pleasure and satisfaction in our learning. At Bet Zvi we all learn individually with an experienced scholar, receiving full attention and benefiting from our teacher’s skills.

No words “fly over the head” here. With the guidance of my teacher-cum-chavruta, I learn to decipher those “weird Aramaic words”. With absolutely no pressure, I can investigate, ask, enquire- and find the answers by myself, discovering the true depths and beauty of our Torah.

Bet Zvi opened its doors to us in Tevet 5760,

[January 2001], and within a few months all of us have made tremendous progress, Baruch Hashem.

Once a month all of us in Bet Zvi, students and teachers alike, listen to a shiur.

That shiur is delivered by no others than… us, the students!

A few months ago, after a lot of preparation and help from my Rabbi, I myself gave a shiur! I never before believed I could do that. It was an experience of a lifetime!

I’d just like to tell you that there is one problem with this program. It operates only two evenings a week, and that’s not sufficient. Many people like myself would like to dedicate a part of our morning to serious Torah study. Rabbi Teichtal wants to start a comprehensive morning program that will allow my friends and myself to really fill that gap in our Jewish education.

With Hashem’s help, we’ll do that too.

Thank you,


P.S. Director’s note: with Hashem’s help we did manage to open a morning program, where Yitzchak, amongst others study daily. Since its establishment, Yitzchak’s learning abilities have developed significantly. For more information about the morning program see the morning schedule page or contact us