Beis HaMedrash Ahavas Shalom

Ahavas Shalom was founded in ’99 in the then fledgling area of Bet Shemesh. From small beginnings as a place to daven on Shabbos, Ahavas Shalom has become a center for unity, learning, outreach, and Chesed in Ramat Bet Shemesh. Though the core of Ahavas Shalom consists of around 50 families, their strength of purpose and single-minded dedication mean that on a weekly basis Ahavas Shalom programs and activities directly touch over 300 different people and many more indirectly.


The name of the community suggests its purpose. The founders set out to create a model community that would unite Jews from all different backgrounds with the one purpose of growing in the service of the Creator. Five years on, this goal has been achieved with a community center that brings together Olim from the USA, UK, South Africa, France, Russia, and South America, together with native-born Israelis. All groups work together to support each other and help each other grow in their Yiddishkeit.

However, in addition to the “ingathering of the exiles” aspect, the community also brings together working men and women with those whose main occupation is the pursuit of Torah study.

Enter Ahavas Shalom on any day of the week and you will see a patchwork that truly represents the Jewish people today.


Ahavas Shalom has a full program of Shiurim for all levels and ages. Every day has a different Shiur, many of which are the longest-running series of Shiurim in the neighborhood. There is something for everyone, including practical Halacha, Gemoro, philosophy, Mussar¸ and much more.

In addition, Ahavas Shalom provides these resources:

  • A place for learning from 6:00am till 11:00pm
  • A library of English-language Seforim


Some four years ago we began an “Evening Kolel” program to match Avreichim with working people. Today, the program has grown form one evening a week, to two nights a week and a morning program five days a week. The program, called “Kolel Bet Zvi” gives working people an opportunity to spend some quality time in an intensive learning program. The program is styled like a traditional Yeshiva with learning partners and is characterized by a serious learning atmosphere.

“Bet Zvi” also helps those with limited learning skills so that they soon improve their level of learning and erudition and are themselves able to provide instruction for other people. Earlier in 5764, the Kolel produced its first publication, a collection of essays by participants on a range of Halachic issues covered by the Bet Zvi study program.


In its own quiet way, Ahavas Shalom is also a powerhouse of Chesed in Ramat Bet Shemesh. Each year, the Chesed committee provides emotional help, food, job and educational counseling, and Aliyah assistance to families at all stages of the life cycle. Whether a family has just made Aliyah or had an addition to the family, members of the Chesed committee are on hand to provide whatever backup and support is required. In addition each year, the community raises over $10,000 for an organization supporting needy families in the neighborhood.


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