The Amutot Law, 5740–1980





Amutah no. 58-035333-2




Chapter 1: Members




1. (a) Every person over the age of 18 is competent to be a member of the Amutah.

(b) A person who wishes to become a member of the Amutah shall submit to the board an application with the following wording:

“I (name, address and identity number) am applying to become a member of the Amutah (name of the Amutah). The purposes of the Amutah and its Articles are known to me. If I am admitted as a member of the Amutah, I undertake to comply with the provisions of the Articles and the resolutions of the general meeting of the Amutah.”

(c) The board has the power to decide to admit an applicant as a member of the Amutah or not to admit him; if the board refuses to admit the applicant, he may appeal the refusal before the next general meeting.

(d) The board shall notify an applicant within two months of submitting his application of its decision as to his application.

Admission of members

2. The membership of an Amutah is personal, non-transferable and cannot be inherited.

Nature of membership

3. The conditions for becoming a member in the Amutah shall be as follows:

(a) The prospective member pays to the building fund of the Amutah the sum of $1,500, or whatever sum the board of the Amutah shall determine from time to time, with the approval of the general meeting. The aforesaid sum shall be payable on such terms as are acceptable to the board of the Amutah. If a member has not agreed terms with the board for payment to the building fund within two months of joining the Amuta, or — with regard to any person who is a member of the Amuta on 5 July, 2003 — by 5 September, 2003, that person shall cease to be a member of the Amuta, and shall not be liable to make any payment to the building fund.

(b) The member shal