Mechiras Chometz 5780 מכירת חמץ

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Due to the lock-down instituted by the Ministry of Health, this year's sale of chametz will be different than in previous years. Open the sale contract at this address Mechiras_Chometz_2020 Fill out the form online. This is the best way to fill out the form! It is possible to download the form and fill it [...]

Easy to Digest Capsules* are Here!

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Easy to Digest Capsules* are Here! In order to accommodate as many people as possible within our Beis Medrash, while still following the government's decrees on synagogue capacity, we have divided the space into FOUR "capsules". Each "capsule" can hold up to 20 people (Thank you to Mrs. Aryeh Gross who calculated the [...]

Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Pinchas 5780

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Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Pinchas 5780 Reminders: Mincha Erev Shabbos at 13:30, 18:00 and 19:33 Weekday MINCHA GEDOLAH: 13:21 instead of 13:15 for the next few weeks. Mrs. Rachel Links is sitting shiva now through Sunday. See the newsletter for exact times. See the "Safety Guidelines" section (below) for the new procedures we have implemented in response [...]