907, 2020

Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Pinchas 5780

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Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Pinchas 5780 Reminders: Mincha Erev Shabbos at 13:30, 18:00 and 19:33 Weekday MINCHA GEDOLAH: 13:21 instead of 13:15 for the next few weeks. Mrs. Rachel Links is sitting shiva now through Sunday. See the newsletter for exact times. See the "Safety Guidelines" section [...]

807, 2020

(Under)lying to yourself

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“Harass the Midianites, and smite them; For they afflict you with their schemes which they have schemed against you in the cause of Peor, [consigning their daughters to harlotry to turn you to Peor worship], and in the cause of Kazbi, the daughter of a [...]