Purim 5780 was great!

But then the “panic” set it. Many of us stayed away from our beloved Beis Medrash due to the fear of the unknown virus. Those who weren’t scared of the virus were scared of the 5000 shekel fines imposed by the government.

But five months have passed, and we can look back and assess the damage. While some people have unfortunately died in Israel, the virus did not turn out to be the “killer” that everyone feared.

What did suffer?

Our Beis Medrash! Members who were forced to daven on their porches and in their parking lots became accustomed to this, and so when we were permitted to crack open our doors a bit, many people still stayed away.

I personally see the world going back to “normal” soon.  Many others do, too. When that happens, we will all want to return to our places in our Beis Medrash.

But I will be honest with you: At this rate, our Beis Medrash will not be there to welcome you!! We are suffering financially like we never have before. Most of our expenses (The Rav, utilities, etc.) are the same as they were, but many of you have reduced your dues payments.

I personally invite you all to return our Beis Medrash now. The Vaad and Gabbaim have put a lot of effort into making our space compliant with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. I think you will find it very inviting and safe.

But even if you are not going to return yet, if you want our Beis Medrash to be waiting for you upon your return, you need to support it now. That means that paying full dues of 190nis per month. If you missed some months, please consider making up for them. If you can pay more than 190nis/month, then doing so will help even more.

How can you pay?

Don’t let our Beis Medrash be another COVID-19 Victim!

Thank you.

Lev Seltzer