My marriage fell apart 2.5 years ago and my Social worker sent me to Beit Avot Beit Haelah close to Beit Shemesh. I was very depressed about having to spend Shabbat there because the TV is always on and no one keeps Shabbos there. Baruch HaShem someone told me to register to I registered and almost immediately received an unsolicited invitation from a family at Ahavas Shalom. I went there and enjoyed myself very much, due to the hospitality of the hosts and their children. They make me feel like a part of the family. After that first Shabbos, I hinted to the family that I would not mind if they invited me again – they took the hint and invited me again. And again! I am now looking forward to my Shabboses with this family, instead of fearing Shabbos in the institute.