Due to the lock-down instituted by the Ministry of Health, this year’s sale of chametz will be different than in previous years.

  1. Open the sale contract at this address Mechiras_Chometz_2020
  2. Fill out the form online. This is the best way to fill out the form!
    1. It is possible to download the form and fill it out by hand, but it will require scanning it at the end.
  3. Click the submit form button. This should automatically send the form to chametz@ahavasshalom.org
    1. If your PDF program does not show signs that it is sending an email, it is possible that your program can’t do this automatically. If so, please download the form, fill it out, create an email to chametz@ahavasshalom.org, and attach the form to the email.
    2. If you have manually printed the form, you will need to scan the form and then send it back to chametz@ahavasshalom.org.
  4. The Rav will call you at the number you have listed at the top of the form to complete the procedure.


  1. The Rav also offers a sale on Yud Gimmel. To do such a sale, please open the form Mechiras_Yud_Gimmel_Heb 2020
  2. Fill out the form and click the submit form button. This should automatically send the form to chametz@ahavasshalom.org
  3. The Rav will call you at the number you have listed at the top of the form to complete the procedure.
  4. Please note that even after completing a yud-gimmel sale with the Rav, you must call the Rav on the morning of the 14th to confirm that the sale took place. This is because it might not take place due to circumstances beyond the Rav’s control.

The Rav will be processing the forms as they arrive. Forms must be sent by Sunday night at Midnight. If you do not receive a phone call from him within 48 hours, assume it was NOT taken care of, in which case you should contact the Rav. You can also (re)send your form to chametz@ahavasshalom.org.


There is a long-standing tradition to give a monetary gift to the Rav at the time of Mechiras chametz. Since it is not possible to do this at this time, the vaad is offering the kehilla the ability to pay online (either via credit card, PayPal or Nedarim plus).

Please note that this money will be reported, and so approximately 30% of your gift will go to taxes, pension, bituach leumi, credit card fees, etc. However, since you will receive a tax credit for your donation to our sif-46-certified Amuta, you can increase your gift so that the Rav nets your intended value; you’ll get a tax credit and won’t be paying any extra money. (The Rav will receive the net after all taxes and expenses as calculated by our accountant, estimated to be 20% but it could be more.)

Here are the options available:

  1. Paypal via www.ahavasshalom.org/donate
  2. Nedarim Plus
  3. Call Aryeh Beer 050-418-8669 and give him your credit card information.

Please help us track this:

  1. If you use PayPal or Nedarim Plus plus send an email to lev@ahavasshalom.org alerting him to this donation (emails are also supposed to come in automatically, but…)
  2. When making the donation online, be sure to mark it “gift for Rav”
  3. If you want a hand-printed tax-receipt, please ask for it in the email you write to lev@ahavasshalom.org and we’ll create one for you. You will have to arrange pickup on your own, or wait until after the lock-down ends.

Thank you!