Easy to Digest Capsules* are Here!

In order to accommodate as many people as possible within our Beis Medrash, while still following the government’s decrees on synagogue capacity, we have divided the space into FOUR “capsules”. Each “capsule” can hold up to 20 people (Thank you to Mrs. Aryeh Gross who calculated the exact capacity of each capsule and put a sign with this number at each entrance).

Thank you to Rabbi Naftali Kaplan, the chief Gabbai, who initiated and executed this plan!
Thank you to Hananiah Lasker and Oshi Kaplan for helping to assemble the walls today.

The dividers are made from thick disposable plastic tablecloths and reach high to the ceiling. There are many Yeshivas that are legally open throughout Israel that have similar dividers, but theirs are typically lower – closer to 7 feet (2.133m) tall feet. Our dividers reach to the ceiling.

Please do NOT pass from one capsule to the other by “sneaking” between the divider and the wall, as this will damage the divider. Instead, please use one of the four entrances:

  1. The Lachish side door for the right-most section.
  2. The main entrance for the center section.
  3. The kitchen for the men’s section in the “old” ezras nashim.
  4. The Hall entrance for the women’s section (the entire hall is for the women).

At the end of Shabbos we hope to fold up the dividers so that we can use them next Shabbos. Please do not disassemble the dividers without direct instructions from a gabbai on duty, as we do not want to damage them.

*the dividers don’t make “real” capsules as they have in the yeshivas, but it is close enough for this email.