Purim Schedule 5780 (PDF format)

Fast of Esther – תענית אסתר – יום ב’

Start of Fast  4:46 התחלת התענית
Shacharis 6:10, 7:15, 8:05 שחרית
Mincha 13:00, 15:15, 17:05 מנחה מחצית השקל
Sunset 17:46:45 שקיעה
End of Fast 18:11 סוף תענית

One should not eat until after hearing the megilla reading

אסור לאכול עד לאחר קריאת המגילה

Purim – פורים
Maariv 18:07 מעריב
Add’l Megilla Reading 20:154 קריאה לנשים
Calling all members of the Kehilla to complete Mesechta Megilla

Light refreshments will be served at the siyum


Siyum 23:00

לך כנוס את כל הקהילה, לסיים מסכת מגילה

כיבוד קל אחרי הסיום

Shacharis 06:0012, 07:002 08:3013 שחרית
Add’l Megilla Reading 10:154 קריאה לנשים
Avos uBanim 11:30-12:30 אבות ובנים
Mincha 12:301, 13:00, 14:00 מנחה
Maariv 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 מעריב


Watch Your Decibels on Purim

Excessive noise for the Hamans during קריאת מגילה is not allowed. Examples of what is considered excessive noise: Explosives, of any sort; Air horns – any make, model, deafening/wake the dead scale.

1 Takes place in the hall

2 Women are invited to hear the megilla in the ezras nashim as part of the 06:00 and 07:00 minyonim. These minyonim will begin the megillah without delay, so please try to be in the room no later than 40 minutes after the minyon begins.

3 The 08:30 minyon will not have an ezras nashim available. Please consider an earlier minyon or the additional reading at 10:15.

4 Women can sit anywhere in the Main Beis Medrash (except for the two rows directly in front of the Aron, which are reserved for men)


Purim Schedule 5780 (PDF format)