Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Bechukosai 5779

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  • CANCELLED: Tonight’s Thursday Night Live with Rabbi Rafi Brodie.
    • Look for Mishmar with Rav Zachariash next Thursday night.
    • Sponsorships are available for next week’s Mishmar
  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 13:30, 17:49 (“Early” Shabbos), and 19:20.
  • The Rav is away this Shabbos:
    • Rabbi Avishai Hill, Bet Zvi Magid Shiur, will give the Friday night drasha.
    • Maariv might be as early as 19:58!
    • No Beis Elokim on Shabbos morning.
    • Rabbi Akiva Teichtal, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Bet Zvi, will give the Pirkei Avos shiur..
  • Rav’s shiurim on SUNDAY and TUESDAY nights are cancelled, as the Rav is in the USA.
  • American Friends of Ahavas Shalom Inc. (a 501c3 Corporation in New York State) is now up and running. Donations are deductible as per the USA Tax Law. See for details about donations.
  • Contact Mrs. Miriam Zakoo, the Ahavas Shalom Administrative Secretary, to pay your membership dues or make a donation to the Kehilla.
    • Email:
    • Phone: 053-316-6491.

Good Shabbos!