Shabbos Newsletter Chayei Sarah 5779

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  • Please redeem your Chosson Torah pledges so that the shul can double your donation! Over 700nis is still outstanding. Please see Mr. Beer, Mrs. Zakoo, or just go to and donate online with your credit card.
  • Mi Shebeirach for Cholim: Did you send in your names to Mrs. Zakoo, the Ahavas Shalom Administrative Assistant? Each Thursday she will assemble the names into a typed list (Mrs. Zakoo does not work on Fridays). Remember, on Shabbos day, we ask that you do NOT approach the gabbai and whisper names in his ear – unless it is for a person whose illness began after the above deadline. 
    • If you forgot, please send them to by 9am on Friday, November 2, and they will be included.
  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 12:30 and 16:34. Note how the times are earlier! 
  • Shabbos Shiurim:
    • The Rav’s shiur on Beis Elokim written by the Mabit takes place this and every Shabbos at about 08:05.
    • Special shiur from Rabbi Dovid Schoonmaker, Rosh Yeshiva of Shapell’s Darche Noam. 15:00 to 15:45 in the Ahavas Shalom Annex. Open to men.
    • The Rav’s Pele Yoetz shiur meets each Shabbos afternoon 15 minutes before Maariv. It is open to both men and women. This week the shiur meets at 15:50.
    • Seuda Shlishis with the Rav after Mincha (about 16:30). Open to boys ages 12-14. 
  • American Friends of Ahavas Shalom Inc. (a 501c3 Corporation in New York State) is now up and running. Donations are deductible as per the USA Tax Law. See for details about donations.
  • Contact Mrs. Miriam Zakoo, the Ahavas Shalom Administrative Secretary, to pay your membership dues or make a donation to the Kehilla.
    • Email:
    • Phone: 053-316-6491.

Good Shabbos!