with the Rav

IY”H we will be returning to the Beis Medrash soon. However, if we are still not permitted to return once the Rav gets up from Shiva, then the Rav will continue his shiurim via ZOOM.

Shiurim can now be sponsored, and the sponsorship will appear in the background image. Sponsorship is just 120nis. One sponsor per session, first-come, first-serve. Contact Lev Seltzer to sponsor.

Upcoming Meetings with Rav Zachariash

You can also dial in to hear the meetings:
972 55 330 1762
972 3 978 6688
Password 613613.

The Beis Medrash remains closed.

  • No one has permission to enter the Beis Medrash and no individual vaad member or gabbai can grant anyone permission to enter.
  • Seforim cannot be loaned out to anyone.
  • If someone does break into the Beis Medrash, they do so with the knowledge that they will be obligated to pay any governmental fines incurred.

Minyonim will resume quickly after the government rescinds their closure orders.