Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Ki Savo 5779

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In honor of our esteemed Rav, Rav Zachariash shlita

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  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 13:30, 17:02 (“Early” Shabbos), and 18:24
    • Next week, parshas Nitzavim, is the last Early Shabbos of the season.
  • Shabbos Shiurim with the Rav:
    • The Rav’s shiur on Beis Elokim written by the Mabit takes place this and every Shabbos at about 08:05.
    • NEW TIME! The Rav’s Pirkei Avos takes place immediately after the 3rd Mincha. It is open to both men and women. The start time of the shiur will now change with mincha, and will be approximately 25 minutes after the start of mincha (Mincha 17:15; Shiur 17:40).
  • Davening Alerts!
    • Starting time of the third Mincha on Shabbos now changes each week. This week it begins at 17:15.
    • CANCELLED: Third Mincha during the week. Mincha is now at 13;15 and 15:15 Sunday to Thusday..
  • Selichos begin this Motza’ei Shabbos:
    • 00:00 Pre-selichos shiur from Rav Zachariash
    • 00:33 Selichos with Ari Goldwag
  • Weekday Selichos
    • Begins 25 minutes before Shacharis (except for Sunday morning).
    • 7:15 Minyon will say Selichos and daven Shacharis in the HALL.
    • The 6:20 and 8:05 minyonim will begin selichos and continue through Shacharis in the Beis Medrash.
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Good Shabbos!