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  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 13:30, 17:25 (“Early” Shabbos), and 18:51
  • The Rav is away for Shabbos:
    • R’ Dovid Carmen will speak at the regular minyon before Maariv.
    • Maariv might be as early as 19:29 (20 minutes after sunset).
    • The Rav’s 8:05 shiur is cancelled.
    • R’ Robby Charnoff will give a shiur on “Sefer Devarim” instead of the Rav’s Pirkei Avos shiur at 17:45.
  • Davening Alerts!
    • Starting time of the third Mincha on Shabbos now changes each week. This week it begins at 17:45.
    • No 19:00 Shabbos Mincha Minyon. Look for this minyon to resume Summer 5780.
    • Starting time of the the third Mincha during the week is 18:45 this week, and will change weekly.
    • The 09:00 Weekday Shacharis will meet for the last time on Friday, August 30th. Look for this minyon to resume immediately after Yom Kippur.
  • The Shul And I. NEW TIME: 17:15 to 17:45. FINAL SHIUR of the season.
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  • American Friends of Ahavas Shalom Inc. (a 501c3 Corporation in New York State) is now up and running. Donations are deductible as per the USA Tax Law. See