A government lockdown is not going to stop the Rav’s Pirkei Avos shiur!

Join the Rav TONIGHT, Thursday, for his Pirkei Avos shiur
20:30 to 21:00

While we lose out on the shiur being at the “right” time on Shabbos afternoon, we do gain that the shiur will be recorded and will be available on the Ahavas Shalom YouTube channel a few hours after the shiur finishes.


with the Rav

Most videos are uploaded to the shul’s YouTube channel an hour or two after the meeting. They are also available via the homepage www.ahavasshalom.org. (Mishnayos and the Rebbetzin’s tehillim are not uploaded at this time, but if there is a demand for Mishnayos, they can be uploaded.)

Upcoming Meetings (note that the Rav starts promptly)

You can also dial in to hear the meetings:+972 55 330 1762
+972 3 978 6688
Then use the 9-digit meeting ID from above.
Password for all meetings is the 3 digits for the number of commandments, followed by the 3 digits for the number of commandments.


The Beis Medrash is still closed due to government order. We continue to hope to Hashem that this order will be rescinded soon and that we can return to pray in a minyon and resume Torah learning b’rabim.

Should this order be rescinded before Shabbos, the schedule for davening at Beis Medrash Ahavas Shalom appears below. It includes the Rav’s Pirkei Avos shiur which is scheduled to begin this Shabbos.