Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Terumah 5777

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  • Mincha Friday at 12:30 and 17:22
  • The Rav is away, so his two Shabbos shiurim, as well as shiurim on Sunday and Tuesday will not meet.
  • The Annual Ahavas Shalom Matza Chabura is coming up on Tuesday, April 4th. Look for details soon.
  • Videos from the Melaveh Malkah are available at (scroll to the bottom of the homepage). Images are also available at
  • Please check your Shul WINTER calendar! There were corrections made to the calendar due to a technical error. Please download and print the new calendar at
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Good Shabbos!


Shabbos Schedule Parshas Terumah

לוח שבת פרשת תרומה

Erev Shabbos   ערב שבת
Mincha 1 12:30 מנחה א׳
Candle Lighting 17:02/17:22 הדלקת נרות
Mincha 2 17:24 מנחה ב׳
Shekiyah 17:42 שקיעה
Shabbos Day יום השבת