Shabbos Newsletter Parshas Terumah 5779

This issue is sponsored by the Brandt Family of Norfolk, VA
In honor of the esteemed Rav, Rav Zachariash shlita


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  • Mishmar with the Rav
    • Sponsored by Alan Rubenstein on the Yahrzeit of Yehuda Boruch ben Aharon.
    • 21:15 Tonight! Come tonight to Ahavas Shalom for Torah, Food and Drink!
    • Friday Morning:
      • 8:15 Shacharis with the Rav
      • 09:15-09:45 Parsha Shiur with the Rav
      • 10:00-11:00 Private Meetings. This week’s meetings are booked. Next time, please make sure to contact Mrs. Zakoo, the Office Administrator, to schedule an appointment.
  • Melaveh Malkah 2019
    • Motza’ei Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa, 23-Feb-18 in the Beis Tefillah Hall.
    • Honoring our esteemed member Reb Peretz Katz.
    • Featuring guest speaker Rabbi Nachman Seltzer
    • Buy ads or reserve spaces at the dinner online at
  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 12:30 and 17:05. 
  • Oneg Shabbos with the Rav. Friday night 20:30 to 22:00 at the Raymond Family Home, Nachson 7/9 (one flight down via the middle staircase). Topic: THE YETZER HARA!
  • Shabbos Shiurim with the Rav:
    • The Rav’s shiur on Beis Elokim written by the Mabit takes place this and every Shabbos at about 07:50.
    • The Rav’s Pele Yoetz shiur meets each Shabbos afternoon 15 minutes before Mincha. It is open to both men and women. This week t