Ten CommandmentsPlease join us Shavuos evening for Tefilah, Inspiration and Nosh!

  • Hear the story of Ruth
  • Finish the Sefer Tehillim
  • Sing songs of praise and celebrate the giving of the Torah
  • Eat some nosh

Where: The Seltzer Home (36/2 Nachal Lachish)
When: 11:30pm – 1:30am Shavuos Night
Who: Imahos U’Banos and Savtos!
Help: If you want to offer to help make some food please call: 058-484-1185

The zechusim from evening’s learning and tehillim are for a Refuah Shalaima for

  • Yeshaya Shalom ben Malka Gittel
  • Shlomo Zalman ben Gittel Leah
  • Haddasah Rachel Alegria bas Sara Esther (a young woman in Gibraltar with a brain tumor)