Download the FINAL version of the Ahavas Shalom Tishrei 5780 Calendar in PDF format here:

5780 Tishrei Calendar

Note some changes in the final version:

  • Corrected time for Selichos/Shacharis 3rd minyon Monday 7-Oct-2019
  • Corrected candle lighting Erev Yom Kippur
  • Corrected time for 3rd Mincha Parshas Haazinu
  • New times for 2nd Shofar and Mincha Ketana on Rosh Hashanah (both days).
  • 20:15 maariv Sunday-Thursday, in addition to the 19:00 maariv.
  • New times for first shacharis minyon during Chol Hamoed (due to lateness of sunrise).