Date: 22-Aug-2017   30 Av 5777
Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Alan Lindsey, Avi
Rosenberg, Yonah Kaufman, Naftali Kaplan
Absent: None
Summary by Micha Kushner

Book Cases

  • New bookcases were placed next to the kitchen.
  • The entire Otzar Sefarim is being re-arranged and labeled.
  • The remaining boxes of books will be moved from the floor of the Annex by Rosh Hashana.


  • Naftali will write article summarizing YBHZ.
  • Naftali will give Mr. Beer document signed by all Bochurim who received cash stipend.

Misc Issues

  • The Ezras Nashim wall should only be taken down with Vaad approval.
  • The Vaad agreed to publicize the Cemetery Minyan Gmach advert.
  • Confirm and printout Kaddish in Elul rules.
  • The outside area was cleaned up.

Davening Schedules

  • Print out new weekday Davening schedule (after BHZ Minyanim stopped).
  • There were different opinions regarding the best way to present a Tishrei schedule.
  • Check possibility of having one Lulav checking before Yom Kippur.
  • The possibility of moving weekday 6:20 Shacharis to 6:15 on Mon/Thu so that it doesn’t run into 7:15 Minyan was discussed.   Opposition was expressed, so the issue is tabled.

Time Clocks

  • There was a suggestion to replace current time clocks with 7 day clocks.
  • Mr. Beer received one offer.  Yonah received another offer from someone who learns in the Shul in the mornings.
  • Micha pointed out that different clocks have different capabilities and we need to make sure that the clocks we buy meet our needs.

Finance Summary

  • Raffle ticket sales are so far slow.
  • High holiday seat sales are beginning.

Other Issues

  • 2016 Finance Reports were submitted to Finance Ministry.  The other reports for the Amuta Registrar have not been finished yet.