Date: 23-Oct-2017    3 Cheshvan 5778
Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending:  Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Alan Lindsey, Avi Rosenberg, Yonah Kaufman
Absent: None
Summary by Micha Kushner


  • About 330 tickets were sold, 80 less than last year.
  • Possible cause of lower sales is competition from other campaigns (Shul and non-Shul related)

YBHZ (Yeshivas Bein HaZmanim)

  • Money is still missing to cover costs of YBHZ.
  • YBHZ learning adds to the Torah atmosphere of the Shul.
  • YBHZ funding should be planned (several weeks) in advance.
  • Many prefer our YBHZ because the official YBHZ has very strict demands and doesn’t always pay on time. We need to consider stricter rules with better stipend for our Shul.
  • Children of members receive the highest stipend in the neighborhood.

Chagim Davening Comments

  • In general the Davening ran smoothly throughout the Chagim.
  • There were between 35-50 people at each of the Chol Hamoed Shacharis Minyans.

Melave Malka

  • Factors for choosing earlier date:
    • Earlier date means Shabbos ends earlier giving more time for caterer.
    • Want enough time after the MM, to allow Mishloach Manot project to run without competing.
  • Preferred dates: Jan 13, Jan 6, Feb 3.
  • Micha will check availability of Beis Tefilah hall on these dates.
  • Micha will compare caterers.
  • Several possible guests of honor were discussed. The preferred person will be contacted.
  • If the MM is Jan 6 or Jan 13, time is short and we will need to move quicker than normal.

Vaad Elections

  • Elections for new Vaad are planned for Motzash Dec 2.
  • Deadline for submitting candidacy is Thursday Nov 23.
  • Each candidate should submit a short paragraph stating something about himself and his goals for being on the Vaad.
  • Several new people have expressed an interest in being on the Vaad.

Financial Update

  • Lev is working on opening USA bank account for .
  • Micha will work on form for electronic credit card charity screen.
  • Mr. Beer is collecting info needed for 2017 Amuta reports.

Misc Issues

  • There is a problem with re-arranging tables/chairs/annex after a Kiddush. No one currently has direct responsibility for it.
  • The re-labelling of the Otzar Sefarim is nearing completion.
  • Hopefully the Misholoach Manot project will run again this year.
  • The Annex needs a new clock after the old clock was accidently broken.


Open Issues not discussed

  • Tarp for Sukah
  • Membership seat campaign/labelling
  • Membership database storage