MINUTES: Ahavas Shalom Vaad Meeting

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending: Lev Seltzer, Aryeh Beer, Avi Rosenberg, Yonah Kauffman, Alan Rubinstein, Micha Kushner, Shalom Woodrow, Ari Waldman,

Absent: None

Summary by Micha Kushner

Emergency Appeal

  • We have started an emergency appeal, asking for 300NIS per family (members and non-members) .
  • So far over 4000NIS has been donated.
  • A sign needs to be made.


  • We are looking for members to get involved with the building (planning, fund raising, etc.).


  • Shalom Woodrow is planning Shavuos Shiurim with Rav Teichtal.
  • There will be a women’s Shiur by the Rav on Shavuos afternoon at 18:15-18:45.
  • Mincha will be moved earlier to 19:10.
  • N’ilas Chag will be after the last Mincha

List of Gabbaim

Head Gabbai: Naftali Kaplan

  • 6:20 Shacharis – Aryeh Waldman
  • 7:15 Shacharis – Shlomi Dickman
  • 8:05 Shacharis – Gedaliah Shpira
  • 13:15 Mincha – None
  • 15:00 Mincha – None
  • 20 Minutes Maariv – None
  • 21:00 Maariv – Shlomi Dickman

Summer Raffle

  • The Vaad voted to change the style of the raffle from 10NIS or 20NIS tickets to 50NIS tickets.  200NIS buys 5 tickets.  The cash prize amounts and number of tickets still need to be discussed.
  • The tickets need to be printed by Rosh Chodesh Av.

Public Relations

  • It was approved for Shalom to print out several hundred copies of Summer schedule + Shavuos schedule and distribute them to all residents of Lachish + Nachshon.
  • The Vaad is assembling a list of Shiurim and will publish a schedule when ready.