MINUTES: Ahavas Shalom Vaad Meeting

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending: Lev Seltzer, Aryeh Beer, Micha Kushner, Yonah Kauffman, Shalom Woodrow, Ari Waldman, Alan Rubinstein

Non Vaad members: Peretz Katz, Yitzchak Reichenberg, (at end also) Rav Z.

Absent: Avi Rosenberg

Summary by Micha Kushner


  • Proposal to eliminate Kaddish after Anim Zemiros and Ledavid during Elul.   Motion passed by a majority.
  • This past Shabbos Mincha there were close to 10 people saying Kel Malei Rachamim.  This was a Tircha D’Tzibura.
  • Proposal to have Gabbai say all Kel Malei Rachamim at all Tefilos, both Shabbos and during the week.  Motion passed by a majority.

Melave Malka

  • MM had 80 men and about 35 women.  Because of the food arriving late, it went much longer than planned – until 23:20.
  • The guest speaker (Rav Jacobowitz) was excellent and a big finish.
  • The Vaad discussed several issues that arose and drew conclusions.

Building and Maintenance

  • .Main goals of building:
    • More space for women (which so far has not been accomplished)
    • Second room for simultaneous activities (has been partially accomplished)
  • Secondary goal: New/bigger/better kitchen
  • Engineer requires us to build retaining wall and has sent specifications.
  • The retaining wall will be deep enough to potentially allow digging out of future basement.  Cement floor will be connected to the wall so it will not have to be destroyed.
  • No plumbing will be put down before cement floor is laid with the assumption that we will expand the current room out towards the retaining wall.
  • Retaining wall will be L shaped with no wall facing Motzei Mayim.
  • Ari Waldman is working on cost of retaining wall and expanding room.
  • PK: Need written contract including price, with whoever will do the work.
  • Possibility of “squaring” out Shul was discussed. This means pushing the front wall forward to be in line with the Aron HaKodesh wall.   Would generate places for some 20+ new seats.  Question of whether this can be done because or airconditioners and support beams.   Maybe can leave support beams in place.


  • New Thursday night Chabura on Bein Adam LeChavero started.  20:00-21:00.


  • Dues to problems with the old management company, we have begun move to new Amuta management place located in RBS –Ashira Yacobs.
  • We received Nihul Takin for 2015 after 2013 report was filed with Rasham Amutot.
  • After Mrs. Yacobs straightens out all Mas Hachnasa issues, we will continue our Section 46 application.


Additional meeting planned for Sunday night to discuss issues brought up by Naftali Kaplan, Purim schedule, and maybe the building.