Date: 24-Jan-2018    9 Shevat 5778

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending:  Lev Seltzer, Binyomin Rubenstein, Hananiah Lasker, Yosef Richards, Micha Kushner

Absent: Aryeh Beer, Yonah Kaufman

Summary by Micha Kushner

English Library

  • Yehuda Nyssen is advancing his idea of creating a lending English library. He is labeling books.
  • Yehuda would like three new bookcases.
  • As there will be a testing period of the lending library until 31-Mar-18, the Vaad decided to wait until then, and then decide what to do about new bookcases.


  • There are complaints that the 7:15 Shacharis doesn’t finish by 8:05 and therefore it is not possible to say Kaddish at the beginning of the 8:05 minyon.
  • The same sometimes applies to 6:20 and 7:15 Shacharis on Torah reading days.
  • Except for Rosh Chodesh, the 8:05 Shacharis finishes by 9am and does not interfere with Kollel.
  • Several people cannot Daven at 7:15 because they need to take their kids to school by 8:00 and the Minyan doesn’t finish in time for this.
  • The 8:05 cannot start earlier because people take their kids to school and then come to Daven.
  • There is a proposal to change the Minyans as follows:
    • The 6:20 Minyan will be in the Annex permanently
    • The Minyan 7:15 will move to 7:05
    • The 8:05 Minyan will remain in the main Shul, except for Rosh Chodesh, when it will be in Annex.
  • Lev will discuss the proposal with the Rav and get his comments.

Mishloach Manot Project

  • The order forms will indicate that the Rav and Rebbetzin are in oveilus, and as such cannot receive a present.
  • The Mishloach Manot committee wants to have a form ready to hand out at the Melave Malka.

Melave Malka

  • The Melava Malka will officially open doors at 20:15 and start at 20:30.
  • The schedule will change slightly in that the Rav will make the Siyum Shas Mishnayos at the beginning.
  • There will be a snack table at the entrance and a bottle of wine on each table.

New Members

  • The Vaad would like to give a gift to the new families that have joined in the past year.
  • N’shei will buy and hand out the gifts along with a welcome letter about the Shul.

Boys Learning Program

  • Lev is contact to Yehonasan Liebman and will follow up.
  • The Vaad would like to start even if there are not five boys.