As we move forward from Yom Kippur to Sukkos, from that angelic high to being practical people having human Simchas hachag, we find it difficult to find the way to do it. As we look back at the yomim hanora’im that just passed, probably the most outstanding idea that becomes clear every year is that Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu is indeed our King, and we stand humbly before Him.

Chazal tell us that one of the reasons we go into the Sukkah is in case we were obligated to go into golus (exile), our leaving our home – our stronghold – to a mere shack, should suffice to fulfill that obligation.

In the Tefillah that we say upon entering the sukkah, it is stated ותיטיב לנו את החתימה meaning “Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu should improve the way we have already been sealed in the book of life.”

How does one make a “sealing” better after it has been sealed? Possibly the answer is that when one understands the awesomeness of Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, that He takes everything into account, and whatever is done for us is eventually for our good, we understand that moving into golus is actually for our betterment, and we are able to go there with simcha. We do not have a sour attitude and bare walls, but we beautify our Sukkah and are happy to be where Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu has put us. We can make our chasima better to us. This is indeed our simchas hachag.