The Torah teaches us in regards to the king that he has special mitzvos that apply to a king, only. One would naturally assume because of his elevated status he is given more commandments. However, Rav Yerucham Lebovitch points out that if you look at these mitzvos, it seems that the purpose of them is to be a safeguard that the king doesn’t get carried away.

For example: Do not have too many wives; Do not have too many horses; Always carry the Torah; etc.

However, Rav Lebovitch explains that indeed the king that is able to overcome these challenges is an elevated person and a better king. Observing “don’t have too many horses…” does more than just negate the pitfall of having too many horses — it actually elevates him to a higher level.

Lesson for us to learn: The downside is the upside. Every disadvantage can be used for your advantage. Those sins that you do teshuva are an opportunity to be closer to Hashem.