• Grand Celebratory Mishmar: Tonight beginning around 21:15 and lasting to all hours! (see advertisement below)
  • Mincha Erev Shabbos at 12:30 and 17:21
  • The Rav’s Shabbos Shiurim:
    • The Rav’s shiur on Beis Elokim written by the Mabit takes place this and every Shabbos at about 07:50.
    • The Rav’s shiur on Pele Yoetz 15 minutes before the last mincha each Shabbos afternoon. We have finished the topic of “Dibur” and are now moving onto the topic of “Derushim“. Shiur begins 16:40.
  • American Friends of Ahavas Shalom Inc. (a 501c3 Corporation in New York State) is now up and running. Donations are deductible as per the USA Tax Law. See for details about donations.
  • Contact Mrs. Miriam Zakoo, the Ahavas Shalom Administrative Secretary, to pay your membership dues or make a donation to the Kehilla.

Good Shabbos!