The Torah narrates the giving of the 10 commandments twice. Once in this week’s parsha and once in parshas Yisro. There are many explanations as to why it needs to be reiterated (aside from the discussions as to the changing of the wording). Regardless of the approach taken to explain the disparity, we come to the conclusion that both are needed and compliment each other.

This week too, we have two bar mitzvahs. The same thing twice. Some might think that this gets things a little cluttered and cumbersome. I, as a the Rabbi, have looked on from the side and have seen that the boys have learned a lesson for life. Making room for others brings about fulfillment and satisfaction. At their bar mitzvah, these two young men have shown that they are men indeed. My brocho to them and to all of us is that we learn this lesson throughout our lives.