To our beloved Kehilla:

In this week’s parsha, klal Yisrael jumps into the Yam Suf with unbelievable mesiras nefesh. This in turn caused the miracle of the splitting of the sea. When they came to the other side they saw not only their salvation, but the destruction of the Egyptians. At this point they sang shira. Rashi brings from Chazal that they saw an unbelievable amount of hashgacha pratis and were able to understand the reason for the exact punishment, as each Egyptian got punished to the exact degree that he deserved. The shira that they sang echoed this clarity in Emunah, which they perceived.

Yet, Chazal explain, the first word of the shira, “az”, refers to the ultimate shira that will be sung at the time of moshiach. I found it a bit strange: Why must they allude to a different shira? Why not rejoice over the miracle that just happened to them? And, furthermore, what is lacking in this shira, which the shira at the end of days will eclipse?

The Shlah Hakodesh answers this question with the following explanation. In reality, just by hearing that there will be a future redemption, should have been enough for klal Yisrael to sing shira. Indeed, at the future redemption, when the announcement of moshiach will be made, the shira will be sung preceding the redemption. At yam suf, the shira was only sung after the actual realization of independence. This is what was lacking. Yet, it seems to me that those “Nachshons” who believed in the prophecy of Moshe to the extent that they risked their lives to jump into the sea, had a bit of the emunah that will appear at the future redemption.

As Shabbos Shira is upon us, and hakaros hatov is a theme in the parsha to the point that we break out in song, I would like to sing the praises of those people who were the “Nachshons”. Those people from our kehilla who believed it was going to happen before it happened and jumped in with blind faith to make this campaign successful. These people put up the “seed” money against which all the other donations were matched. Also, the team leaders who jumped in to galvanize the kehilla and to bring about the excitement necessary for the success of this campaign. And, for each kehilla member who followed the cue without knowing how he would make it happen, but pledged anyway.

Just like all of Klal Yisrael at Yam Suf, when they said shira, alluded to the ultimate shira of moshaich, we too in our own impressive kehilla should have similar thoughts. When we say shira this week and we give thanks to Hashem for the past, we too should have in mind in our az yashir, that we look forward to saying Mizmor Shir Chanukas Habayis for our own Beis Haknesses and for the Beis Hamikdash Bimiheira Biyameinu!

With respect and admiration

Avrohom Baruch Zachariash