Hello Beis Midrash members and friends,

We want to take the time to update you on certain issues since the last general meeting.
As a word of introduction, we will say that the Vaad is working on many projects simultaneously. Some are much shorter and concise, while others can take months or even years to complete. Each project or task requires many phone calls and/or meetings and/or emails. Although all of this background work is not visible to the public, you should know that it is occurring. There is one issue nearing completion, which was started three years ago!! In addition, when an event is successful, you should know that a lot of planning went into it.

  • The LagBaOmer bonfire was a big success and we think everyone enjoyed it. We saw that despite all the bureaucracy, the partnership with Agaf Chen of the City was worthwhile and we hope to use it in the future.
  • Leil Shavuos, the Beis Midrash was vibrant with the sounds of Torah!! Starting with Avos Ubanim, Shiurim throughout the night (and light refreshments), and Tefilas Vasikin. The Torah was alive in Ahavas Shalom!!
  • The sign outside the Beis Midrash was replaced. This is part of the effort we are making in external improvements to the Beis Midrash.
  • We have renewed the insurance policy for the Beis Midrash with a different company in order to have a lower deductible. We hope we won’t need to use it.
  • After the general meeting, we decided to replace the Amuta advisor we had been using and instead of hired a company which manages Amutot. The owner of the company is a lawyer and he specializes in helping Amutot as was discussed at the meeting. At the moment we have been working non-stop to get the Amuta into order:
  • new receipts and stamp with correct Amuta name (Beis Midrash Ahavas Shalom and not Ahavas Shalom Beis Midrash)
  • making changes to the members of the Amuta as we discussed at the meeting
  • modifying slightly the purposes of the Amuta to better reflect reality
  • Horaat Keva will be handled by them from now on
  • they will produce certain annual reports needed
  • they will manage any payslip needed
  • they will handle all correspondence with the Amuta registrar and the Finance Ministry

All these things will hopefully help us pass any audit by Amuta or tax authorities. In addition, they are responsible for the Section 46 application, including any legal work if needed.

  • The Shavuos version of the Bulletin focused on the subject of a Sefer Torah, including that which we are writing. Since then a donor has come forward and proposed matching funds to complete the Sefer Torah, on condition that we raise half of the funds ($7000) within two weeks (until Rosh Chodesh). At the moment, this is the top priority for the Vaad. We must complete the Sefer Torah! Already more than half of the $7000 has been raised. Anyone interested in donating, should contact Yoni Palmer or a Vaad Member.
  • We have begun to revive the Netziv Hayom program, which has been relatively dormant for several years. You can notice the recent upsurge in daily sponsors. Keep your eyes open for another related change at the entrance to the Shul. Anyone interested in sponsoring a day should contact a Vaad member.

We will try to put out somewhat regular updates (bi-monthly) depending on the completion of issues. All feedback (positive or negative) on this update or any other matter is greatly appreciated!!
The Ahavas Shalom Vaad
Aryeh Beer: Treasurer
Rav Akiva Teichtal: Bet Zvi
Avi Rosenberg: Otzar Sefarim
Micha Kushner: Secretary and Avos Ubanim
Efraim Friedman: New Building Yona Kauffman: Amuta Issues
Yitzchak Reichenberg – Kiddushim and Kibbud