Make Your Own Siyum!

Due to the continued government-imposed lock-down, it will be difficult for first-borns to take part in a siiyum, which would therefore obligate them to fast until Kiddush at the Seder. To help alleviate this, Ahavas Shalom has packaged a learning program to enable you to complete mesechtas Makos Yerushalmi in just a few minutes of [...]

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Shabbos Shmooze – Parshas Behaaloscha 5778

Shabbos Shmooze Enjoy the refreshments while discussing a hilchos Shabbos topic in a relaxing atmosphere with Rabbi Moshe Dovid Cohen This week’s topic (Parshas Beha'aloscha): Website Workings (Leaving Websites Running On Shabbos) Shabbos afternoon from 17:30 to 18:00 In English for Men and Women Sponsor the refreshments for a weekly shiur [...]

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