26:6 – “I will provide peace in the land and you will lie down (to sleep) with no one to frighten you. I will cause wild beasts to withdraw from the land and a sword will not cross your land”

This pasuk tells us that if we go in the ways of the Torah, then we will have peace and nothing to fear. The Ramban tells us that we are not only discussing wars with external enemies, but we are also talking about getting along with our fellow Jews. By going in the ways of the Torah, we will live harmonious lives with our friends and neighbors. Rav Shimshon Pincus expands further on this idea and explains the end of the pasuk as a continuation of this thought: When there is disharmony among our peers, many times this leads to speaking evil and offensive words, and if left unchecked, the final result could be – G-d forbid – that one should fear being verbally assailed by another Jew.

We believe that the power of speech is great and has the ability to affect us either positively or negatively. If Reuven verbally curses Shimon, Shimon actually has what to fear. Likewise, if Reuven praises Shimon, that can cause Hashem to indulge Shimon all the more.

A student once told Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach that he bought an apartment. Rav Aurbach insisted on seeing it, and when they both arrived, Rav Aurbach went into each and every room and complemented it. When they left, the student asked “Why did you insist on going into each room?” The Rav answered that we bring bracha down with our words and by going into each room and praising it, he was trying to bring bracha to each room in the home.

Therefore, the pasuk reads that if we have peace with our neighbors, we do not have to fear evil speech, and we sleep in peace.

One might think that if all the members of a community have their needs met due to their affluence, there would be no jealousy and hatred. However, in the world we live in, we see the opposite is true. We see that both jealousy and hatred easily thrive in a wealthy community. However, the passuk in the beginning of the Parsha tells us that we are talking about a person who is going in the ways of Hashem and learning diligently. This type of person puts Torah centerstage in his life and this is what brings true peace, as he understands that all the bounty that Hashem blesses us with, is to help facilitate our avodas Hashem.