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A Letter from Rav Zachariash upon our Return to the Beis Medrash

ליל שישי לסדר ואת משמרת בני ישראל לעבוד את עבודת כ"ח אייר תש״פ To our Kehilla, Last week after keriyas hatorah one of the mispallelim in our “courtyard minyon” in front of our locked Beis Medrash asked me the following question: “Hashem gave us the tochacha to provide us with advance warning for tragedies that [...]

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Laying the Groundwork

We are all familiar with the idea that sefiras ha’omer is a time of preparation for Shavuos. The  early commentators tell us that this is what is meant by the idea “mi’macharas hashabas”, which means we start counting from after Pesach until Shavuos. There are those who have a custom that someone who misses a [...]

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